Friday, October 1, 2010

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We just want to thank EVERYONE for your help in making our day perfect! Even though it was a very rainy wedding day, it was the perfect wedding day for us. We are so incredibly thankful to have the group of family and friends that we have. It's amazing at how much support and love was out on the beach that day! It was such a memorable experience for us...because of all of you. We hope it was just as memorable for you! To our parents: we can't thank you enough for helping make all of this happen. Mom & Eugene....there is no place that we would have rather had our wedding. Your home is beautiful, magical and perfect. Thank you for opening it up and sharing it with us all! We love you!

George, Thank you for making hats so our candles would survive the rain.

Jer, guys rock! Superheros.

The stairs....

Thank you, Josh & Jamie for helping us get some non-rainy photos!

Thanks to the crew who made this happen on the beach!

Becca, Thank you for the beautiful jewelery.

Kelly, Thank you for bringing out my inner beach goddess! This day would not have been the same without you.

Josh, as always, thanks for providing your wonderful beer!

Ceil & Mom, Thank you for the amazing flowers!

Eugene, Thank you for building "the bridge to happiness"....twice!

Mom, Thanks for supporting my fish vision! And thanks to everyone who go them down to beach & back safely.

Dave, Thank you for the beautiful fish pedestals!

Heather, Thank you for contributing your beautiful words.

Mom & Aaron, you played & sang that song perfectly & beautifully.

Thanks to everyone for throwing our blessing stones.

Thank you, Pam for the beautiful embroidery!

Michelle, we can't thank you enough for sharing your talents with us.

Thanks to my beautiful nieces for playing princess with me!

Thanks to everyone who helped make pinwheels!

David, thanks for all your help with EVERYTHING!

Rehearsal Brunch

Thanks so much to Noreen, Stasi, Curt and Bill for putting all of this together! It was so much fun!